New Canadian Trade-marks Office Practice Notice Consultation Regarding Assignments and Transfers; Comments due January 20, 2011

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is requesting comments, due January 20, 2011, on a proposed new Practice Notice regarding the required documentation to record assignments, ownership transfers and licenses for copyrights, industrial designs, patents and trade-marks. The proposed Practice Notices sets out two mechanisms for requesting that a copyright, industrial design, patent or trade-mark’s … Continue reading

Consultation on Proposed Amendments to Canadian Trade-mark Regulations Governing Oppositions

Canada’s Trade-mark Opposition Board is seeking input on proposed amendments to the Trade-marks Regulations governing oppositions and geographical indications. The deadline for comments is September 20, 2010.

CIPO Consultation on Extensions of Time in Trade-mark Prosecution; Comments Due October 30

Canada’s Trade-mark Office is soliciting comments on a proposed Practice Notice governing extensions of time to respond to trade-mark office actions. The Practice Notice, if enacted in its present form, would be a significant change in Canadian trade-mark prosecution practice.

CIPO Consultation on Trade-mark Foreign Use and Registration Claims

Canada’s Trade-mark Office is seeking comments on a proposed Practice Notice regarding claims of foreign use and registration in Canadian trade-mark applications. The deadline to submit comments is November 15, 2009.

Canadian Government Launches National Copyright Consultation

Canada’s federal government announced national consultations on modernizing Canada’s Copyright Act, in advance of plans to introduce new copyright legislation this fall. The consultation ends September 13, 2009. Those who wish to participate in the consultation have three (3) options, outlined in greater detail at the consultation’s website, Participation is restricted to Canadians. Option … Continue reading

Report: Canadian copyright reform consultations could begin next week

It has been reported that Canadian government consultations on copyright reform could begin next week.

CIPO consultation on obtaining a filing date on weekends & holidays

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has announced a consultation on regulatory changes that would result in applicants obtaining a filing date on weekends and holidays. Comments on the proposed changes are due September 14, 2009. Currently, when CIPO’s head office is closed (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) correspondence, whether submitted electronically or delivered to a … Continue reading

Trade-marks Office consultation on proposed practice changes; June 11, 2009 deadline

Canada’s Trade-marks Office (TMO) is seeking comments on proposed changes to some aspects of TMO practice. The deadline to submit comments is June 11, 2009. The proposed changes are: 1. Increasing the time to respond to office actions from four (4) months to six (6). 2. The TMO will no longer set deadlines to respond … Continue reading

Upcoming Consultation on Trade-mark Non-use Summary Cancellation Proceedings

The Canadian Trade-marks Office announced an upcoming consultation on procedural changes to non-use summary cancellation proceedings. Such proceedings are colloquially called Section 45 proceedings, as those proceedings arise under section 45 of Canada’s Trade-marks Act. According to the Trade-marks Office’s announcement, the practice changes will include: issuing final decisions in limited cases directly following the … Continue reading

Consultation on a new Canadian Trade-marks Opposition Board Practice Notice

The Canadian Trade-marks Opposition Board (TMOB) is consulting on a new proposed Practice Notice regarding proposed amendments to Canadian trade-mark opposition procedures. The deadline to provide comments to the TMOB is October 24, 2008. Information on where to send comments is provided here. The proposed Practice Notice, in addition to introducing changes to the TMOB’s … Continue reading