Consultation on Proposed Amendments to Canadian Trade-mark Regulations Governing Oppositions

Canada’s Trade-mark Opposition Board is seeking input on proposed amendments to the Trade-marks Regulations governing oppositions and geographical indications. The deadline for comments is September 20, 2010.

Changes to Canadian trade-mark summary expungement proceedings starting September 14

The Canadian Trade-mark Office has announced significant changes, effective September 14, 2009 governing how trade-mark summary expungement proceedings (also called section 45 proceedings) are run.

Consultation on changes to Canadian trade-mark summary cancellation practice

The Canadian Trade-marks Office has announced a consultation on changes to summary cancellation procedures. The deadline to comment on the proposed changes is March 13, 2009. Summary cancellation procedures are colloquially called “Section 45 proceedings”, since they are initiated under Section 45 of Canada’s Trade-mark Act.  They can be initiated by anyone, and are thus … Continue reading

Upcoming Consultation on Trade-mark Non-use Summary Cancellation Proceedings

The Canadian Trade-marks Office announced an upcoming consultation on procedural changes to non-use summary cancellation proceedings. Such proceedings are colloquially called Section 45 proceedings, as those proceedings arise under section 45 of Canada’s Trade-marks Act. According to the Trade-marks Office’s announcement, the practice changes will include: issuing final decisions in limited cases directly following the … Continue reading