The Past Can Come Back to Haunt You: The Danger of Backdated Copyright Assignments

My latest column for is a case comment on the dangers of backdated copyright assignments, and the questions those dealing with such assignments should ask when presented with such a document. These questions can be especially relevant when faced with a copyright dispute or purchasing intellectual property. The column can be found at

Changes to Canadian trade-mark practice for recording assignments and mergers

The Canadian Trade-Marks Office (CTMO) has published a new Practice Notice concerning transfers of trade-mark applications and registrations. Effective immediately, the CTMO will no longer set a deadline to respond to CTMO correspondence setting out deficiencies in requests to register transfers, such as assignments and mergers, of trade-mark applications and registrations. As the transfer will … Continue reading

Domain name purchase due diligence

Domain News recently posted an article on domain name purchase due diligence, entitled “Once in Bad Faith, Always in Bad Faith: Getting to Know the Domain Name You Purchase”. The author of that article, Brian Hall, makes a good point: a domain name purchase requires due diligence, just like any other asset purchase. Just because … Continue reading