Interbrand’s Top 25 Canadian Brands 2014: Top Canadian brands are not hewers of wood or drawers of water*

On May 27, 2014, Interbrand released its biennial ranking of the Best Canadian Brands 2014. The ranking of the top 25 Canadian brands is based on Interbrand’s valuation criteria. The ranking is dominated by financial services, retailers, and telecommunication providers, with transportation, business services, beverage, and technology brands completing the list.

Interbrand’s report shows that the top Canadian brands are not hewers of wood or drawers of water*, although one of the transportation brands (CP, Canadian Pacific Railway) facilitates the transport of natural resources within and outside of Canada.

The top brand in the 2014 ranking is Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), with a brand valuation of $10,795 MM. TD ranked first in Interbrand’s last Canadian brand ranking, issued in 2012.

The remaining brands in Interbrand’s 2014 ranking, broken down by sector, are listed in the tables below. Brands new to the ranking are:

  • Dollarama (a dollar store chain);
  • Westjet (an airline which offers both domestic and international flights);
  • CP (Canadian Pacific Railway); and
  • Cineplex, a Canadian entertainment company whose businesses include movie theatres and online sales of home entertainment content.


Financial Services

2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
1 TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) $10,795 MM
2 RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) $10,531MM
4 Scotiabank $7,695 MM
11 BMO (Bank of Montreal) $2,739 MM
12 CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) $2,189 MM
14 Manulife Financial $1,305 MM
16 National Bank $971 MM
22 Investor’s Group $617 MM


2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
5 Tim Horton’s $3,899 MM
7 Shoppers Drug Mart $3,193 MM
9 lululemon athletica $2,290 MM
13 Canadian Tire $1,708 MM
15 Dollarama $1,273 MM
19 Winners $763 MM
24 Cineplex $545 MM
25 La Senza $324 MM


2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
6 Bell $3,340 MM
8 Rogers $3,165 MM
10 Telus $2,888 MM
17 Shaw $880 MM


2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
20 Westjet $736 MM
21 CP (Canadian Pacific Railway) $631 MM

Business Services

2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
3 Thomson Reuters $8,279 MM


2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
18 Molson $867 MM


2014 Ranking Brand Brand Value
23 IMAX $580 MM

* “[H]ewers of wood and drawers of water” is a phrase in Canadian political economist Harold Innis’ book The Fur Trade in Canada, which examined the impact of the fur trade on Canada. Innis contributed to the staples thesis, which holds that Canada’s economy, culture and politics were influenced by the exploitation and export of natural resources and food products, including wood, mined metals and minerals, fossil fuels, fur, and wheat.

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