IP Address Blog Updates for January 14, 2013

Mobile Phones With Fingerprint ID Coming This Year http://ow.ly/gMm81 

Cisco Sued For Trademark Infringement Over Marketing Slogan http://ow.ly/gMmiK 

Hostess Names Flowers as Lead Bidder for Bread Brands http://ow.ly/gMmbH 

Patent Privateers Sail the Legal Waters Against Apple, Google http://ow.ly/gMmg7 

Oracle releases software update to fix Java vulnerability http://ow.ly/gMmKq 

Nintendo Case Poses Patent-War Test http://ow.ly/gMmxQ 

IBM, Ikea, MLS, Gazprom, Northrop: Intellectual Property http://ow.ly/gMm9F 

Sling Media sues Belkin, Monsoon for patent infringement http://ow.ly/gMmLU 

U.S. tells all Internet users to disable Java over hacker threat http://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/tech-news/us-tells-all-internet-users-to-disable-java-over-hacker-threat/article7234545/ …


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