IP Address Blog Updates for January 25, 2013

Apple Is No Longer One Of The Hottest Brands In America http://ow.ly/h7JTK 

California Alleges 2 Clothing Firms Used Pirated Software http://ow.ly/h7JpR 

Life and Death Online and Facebook: Who Controls a Digital Legacy? http://ow.ly/h7J4R 

U.K. Supreme Court: Accountants do not have legal privilege http://ow.ly/h7ICK 

Canada | CN Rail v. McKercher tests the boundaries of ‘conflict of interest’ http://ow.ly/h7IAE 

Op-ed advocates that Canada needs CETA intellectual property changes http://ow.ly/h7I1r 

McGill asks for permission to ignore access-to-information requests http://ow.ly/h6M4J 

A bank heist in cyberspace: Millions stolen, three charged http://m.theglobeandmail.com/technology/tech-news/a-bank-heist-in-cyberspace-millions-stolen-three-charged/article7704663/?service=mobile …

Canadians drinking more expensive imported wines, mainly from Italy http://ow.ly/h2hzJ 

Privacy Goggles Block Facial Recognition http://ow.ly/h2ARz

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