IP Address Blog Updates for March 11, 2013

Some Victims of Online Hacking Edge Into the Light http://ow.ly/iHr14 

Germany Could Ban Google Maps Over Microsoft Patent Dispute http://is.gd/EtNYos  via @IBTimes @IntangibleBiz

The Hudson’s Bay Company unveils new logo for Canada’s oldest department store http://ow.ly/ituTe 

LCBO puts cork in wine club orders after privacy ruling http://ow.ly/itqDV 

Backgrounder and tips on handling corporate Twitter hacks | So Your Corporate Twitter Account’s Been Hacked http://ow.ly/irrRR 

Ontario’s privacy commissioner orders LCBO to stop collecting personal info of wine club members http://ow.ly/ioOYn 

LCBO ordered to destroy liquor club records over privacy complaint http://ow.ly/ikOgC 

Canada | The Government Has Tabled Bill C-56, Combating Counterfeit Products Act via @pckip Reporter http://ow.ly/ik8AB 

Web Privacy Goes From Regulatory Nuisance to Business Imperative http://ow.ly/ihNdC 

Online note service Evernote latest firm to get hacked http://goo.gl/cEDOR  via @PrivacyPartners

Amazing photos! | Crane operator tweets Toronto’s lofty beauty in photos snapped from a sky-high perch http://ow.ly/idX1O 

Over guess what? | Oakland Rapper Pope Emeritus Threatens Lawsuit http://ow.ly/idijN 

Canada | Want to buy wine from another province? Why the rules are (still) confusing http://ow.ly/idhJW 

US | Judge Orders Apple-Samsung Retrial http://ow.ly/idfiN 

Illinois Tells Square To Stop Taking Payments http://ow.ly/idffo 

Canadian government introduces Bill C-56; contains anti-counterfeiting, non-traditional trade-mark amendments http://bit.ly/WyVc0s 

From Ducati To Double Espressos: How Tablets Are Transforming Business http://ow.ly/icJfB 

Copyright pirates raise ire of Hollywood with unauthorized apps http://ow.ly/ib9lF 

Canada | Miller seeks to end licensing deal with Molson Coors http://ow.ly/iazqv 

US | Warning System Launched for Movie, Music Pirates http://ow.ly/i6dxK 

Survey says that Canadians 18-34 carelessly share financial data such as credit card Nos., PINs http://ow.ly/i3GWQ 

Ex-Sony Employee Sues Nintendo over 3D Display Patent – http://Aussie-Gamer.com  http://bit.ly/Yzhumt 

A giant mandala made from the legos of mega brands http://ow.ly/i0aeV 

Innovation secrets from Google, Toyota, Disney and more http://ow.ly/i03wj 

The effect of lawsuits over alleged forged artwork on the art market http://ow.ly/i04vt 

The rise of Chinese wine http://ow.ly/i03OD 

Johnnie won’t walk out – Why Scotch-whisky makers want to stay in the European Union http://ow.ly/i03t6 

NASCAR tries to get spectator’s video of Saturday’s crash pulled from YouTube on copyright grounds http://ow.ly/i04oY 

Four branding lessons from this year’s Oscar nominees http://ow.ly/i0ahV 

Instagram Tells Madonna To Stop Breaking The Rules http://read.bi/XxyeHx via@businessinsider

Frauds targeting IP lawyers seem more common these days. Here’s the latest such scam via @LAWPRO’s ‘s Avoid a Claim blog http://avoidaclaim.com/2013/ip-agreement-scam-by-yutaka-ikeda-of-ikeda-publishing-co/ …

Why brand selection is important | The Albino Rhino is no more: Earls rebrands beer after human-rights complaint http://ow.ly/hSL43 

The latest in digital B & E | Burger King, Jeep hacks raise doubts about Twitter security http://ow.ly/hRFVT 

Wallpaper that Protects Your Data http://ow.ly/hNCsC 

What are some top American brands called outside the US? http://ow.ly/hNr2s 

Facebook faces problem with contests that violate its terms of service http://ow.ly/hNl5V 

Canadian liquour boards continue to pull risque alcohol brands off the shelves http://ow.ly/hOPg4 

EU ratchets up privacy battle with Google http://ow.ly/hP3hb 

CA TM application refused due to the trademark not having been used before the filing date: http://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/en/2013/2013fc127/2013fc127.html … via @pckip

How to check your Facebook privacy settings | http://ti.me/Z3svLu 

Google slammed over weak privacy rules for mobile app users http://ow.ly/hL0YI 

Facebook wins battle against German privacy watchdog http://ow.ly/hL0B8 

Tiffany sues Costco for selling alleged knockoff jewelry http://ow.ly/hKl0o 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Embark on Wine-Making Careers by Acquiring Pink Floyd’s Namesake Rosé http://vnty.fr/Ukz90P  via @VanityFair

Made in Canada titles dominate nominees at BAFTA Games Awards |http://ow.ly/hFVt3 

10 Head-Slapping Data Breaches http://ow.ly/hFUPr 

Canada | Harper government kills controversial Internet surveillance bill http://ow.ly/hDMgZ 

NOA Against the LYRICA Patent Upheld on Grounds of Insufficiency and Inutility for Lack of Sound Prediction 2013 FC 120 http://www.pckreporter.com 

Calorie labels for beer, wine and spirits considered by UK Government http://ow.ly/hAVli 

WTO allows Antigua & Barbuda to violate US IP in gambling policy row | A New Front in Global Trade Wars http://ow.ly/hAVNc 

Trade-mark food fight | Dare Foods not so sweet on Quebec bakery’s choice for cookie name http://ow.ly/hARqe 

Protecting Your Privacy on the New Facebook http://ow.ly/hAVvP 

Trolls, Smartphones, and Red Heels http://bit.ly/VzIbTV 

Brookings Report Finds Patents Driving Economies of U.S. Cities http://bit.ly/11lgE0r 

Twitter Hacked: Data for 250,000 Users May Be Stolen http://ow.ly/hlUCP 

Playing Whac-a-Mole With Piracy Sites http://ow.ly/hlTej 

An App That May Overshare on Facebook http://ow.ly/hlV82 

US | The 10 Most Counterfeited Products http://ow.ly/hnnjM 

Privacy Flaw in Path’s iPhone App Shares Location Data http://ow.ly/hnnlU 

PCK IP Reporter goes live. Check the Reporter for timely summaries and commentary on developments in Canadian IP law. http://www.pckreporter.com/ 

Harris Tweed makers settle dispute with TK Maxx over alleged trademark infringement http://ow.ly/hgaFU 

Where Google Keeps Your Email And YouTube Videos http://ow.ly/hdgd6 

Wine regions miss out on UNESCO status http://ow.ly/hdfGE 

Popular WhatsApp chat app violates Canadian privacy laws: commissioner http://ow.ly/hdgCj 

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