IP Address Blog Updates for April 16, 2013

LES Toronto Chapter World IP Day FREE event features Ron Dimock & Don MacOdrum – Wed Apr 24 @ 6 pm: http://www.lesusacanada.org/chapters/canada/toronto-chapter/april-24-2013-toronto-chapter-meeting …

USSC hears the Myriad Genetics case | Justices Seem Wary of Bold Action in Gene Patent Case http://ow.ly/k5R94 

GE Offering Thousands Of Its Patents In Exchange For Innovation http://ow.ly/k3rro 

Apple licenses $10M in patents from Access including those formerly from Palm http://ow.ly/k3rsy 

Oh, Canada: A nation of beer drinkers turns increasingly to wine http://ow.ly/jYldC 

Billionaire William Koch Wins Trial Over Fake French Wine http://ow.ly/k3rvQ 

How to survive the innovator’s curse http://ow.ly/k3tqE 

Good IP advice – early patent & TM filings often save $$$ later | One Thing I Wish I Knew Before Going Global http://ow.ly/k3qYg 

What’s in a name? Everything… & changing it can be expensive so pick carefully | Your Start-up Name Matters (A Lot) http://ow.ly/k3rCQ 

Court rules disputed Morrisseau painting is authentic http://ow.ly/jIRCJ 

Novartis loses landmark India patent case on cancer drug http://ow.ly/jEhvV 

US | Think you own your downloads? Court deals blow to ‘used’ digital goods market http://ow.ly/jEhsy 

Online TV service Aereo wins another court battle http://ow.ly/jEhqV 

Trademarking 101: 9 Red Flags Before Naming Your Startup http://ow.ly/jCGfs 

Fashion designer sues Yoko Ono, accusing her of copying her designs http://ow.ly/jBW79 

Lindt loses German case over Easter bunny trademark http://ow.ly/jzYxV 

Tory Burch Sues Another Company for Copying Her http://ow.ly/jtVSf 

Biggest wine hoax in history reveals trade secrets | http://sco.lt/7E0mmn 

Online fight over spam becomes largest-ever Internet-snarling attack http://ow.ly/jtUJF 

I would argue its a New World thing | Catchy wine names? It’s a Canadian thing http://ow.ly/jm20D 

The Wine Advocate sues Antonio Galloni for alleged fraud and defamation http://ow.ly/jj4i8 

TD online banking services hit by cyber attack http://ow.ly/jj4ju 

AB InBev unsuccessfully challenges appeal ruling over Budweiser trade-mark, alleged judge’s comments on beer unfair http://ow.ly/jjb8g 

Patents as competitive intelligence | What’s next for GOOGLE GLASS? http://ow.ly/j67hf 

Ralph Lauren Wins Battle Against USPA Over Horseman Logo  http://ow.ly/j6gnD 

Inspiring! Robert Morgenthau 93 & still crusading for justice | Even at 93, He Finds a Case Too Important to Pass Up http://ow.ly/iXEgW 

Possible Canadian artists resale royalty? | Canadian artists hoping royalty regime will be in federal budget http://ow.ly/iWShY 

Alert re phishing scam – email pretending to be Canada Revenue Agency advising email recipient is eligible for a tax refund.

Privacy fine puts spotlight on Google’s Street View practices http://ow.ly/iTFTC 

Cartier Tells Fashion Student Selling Vulgar Hats Spoofing Famous Logo to Cease & Desist http://ow.ly/iTRFm 

Tories restrict online data mining, but not for social media http://ow.ly/iTKTe 

When social media ‘promoted posts’ aren’t disclosed this agency gets cranky http://ow.ly/iTHBR 

Kardashian-Fronted Makeup Line Khroma Served with Injunction http://ow.ly/iTSlf 

How to market ice wine that can’t be called ice wine http://ow.ly/iRISV 

FBI probes report Michelle Obama, VP Biden’s credit reports hacked, exposed http://ow.ly/iRIz1 

Molson, Miller drop the gloves over Genuine Draft licensing deal http://tgam.ca/DoIm 

Interesting article on fashion branding | Has Logo Fatigue Reached a Tipping Point? http://ow.ly/iOWDs 

What your Facebook likes reveal could be a privacy nightmare: study http://ow.ly/iM8iC 

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